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Diamond Package - Epigenetic Hair Analysis S-Drive Technology

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Caret Down

Your Purchase of the Epigenetic Hair Analysis S-Drive Technology - Diamond Package

* Laptop Computer configured with CWB platform

S Drive including 20 report credits

includes 20 report credits - your choice of:

  • 20 Optimizer Immunity Credits
  • 20 Hair, Skin and Nails Credits
  • 20 Healthy Weight and Body Credits
  • one report credit = one analysis laboratory fees that are paid in advance
  • credits are $39 USD 
  • credits can be purchased individually or in sets with fantastic discounts and free reports based on quantity purchased

* 3 deep dive client report review

client report review value: $385 per review

  • one of our skilled Luxury Concierge Practitioners will meet with you over zoom for 45 minutes to discuss one client report of your choice.
  • additional report reviews can be purchased as needed
  • report review add-on packages are available for an additional one time fee, or monthly subscriptions.

Introductory RYC Epigenetic Analysis Masterclass

* Access to monthly educational webinars for 6 months

monthly Deep Dive Educational Webinars value: $995/mo

  • monthly deep dive live webinars with one of our Luxury Concierge Practitioners.
  • dig deep into the s-drive technology and discover how to read the reports with efficiency to offer


Caret Down
Diamond Package - Epigenetic Hair Analysis S-Drive Technology - ReviveYourCells
Diamond Package - Epigenetic Hair Analysis S-Drive Technology


quick epigenetics reports

The resonant information changes over time as it is connected through resonance with the Epigenetic influence of the person. Our macro and micro environments have an effect, such as – chemical toxins, air quality, food and nutrients absorbed, the electromagnetic environment and even the 50,000+ thoughts we have per day.

The S Drives digitized hair information is then sent via a secure connection to our high-speed servers in Hamburg Germany, which use resonance algorithms to map optimization. We have an extensive database of information files including dietary, nutritional and environmental influences. No personal information is sent to Germany of the clients. Their names or addresses as well as other details remain completely on the S-Drive operator’s computer.

The resulting Epigenetic information is presented in a comprehensive report which is returned to the S-Drive operator within 15 minutes.

The Report is relevant for a period of 90-days as the Epigenetic influences are constantly changing.


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