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Elevate Your Salon Experience with PrimaSkin and Swish30: Unlocking Radiance with Cutting-Edge Formulations


Salons are havens of transformation and self-care, where clients entrust their beauty and well-being to skilled professionals. Whether it's a rejuvenating facial, a revitalizing hair treatment, or a complete makeover, the journey towards enhanced beauty and confidence doesn't end with the final touch of the stylist or aesthetician. Enter PrimaSkin ™  and Swish30 ™  by "Revive Your Cells," two groundbreaking products powered by Hydrastat Technology. In this article, we will explore how these advanced skincare and supplement solutions of ultra-pure water envelopes of targeted ingredients can elevate the salon experience, offering clients remarkable benefits both before and after their beauty and wellness treatments.

Section 1: Salon Excellence

Crafting Beauty and Confidence Salons are more than places of beauty enhancement; they are temples of transformation where professionals wield their expertise to craft confidence and elevate the natural allure of their clients. Whether it's a stunning new hairstyle, radiant skin, or a captivating makeup look, salons are where dreams of beauty become a reality.

The Quest for Perfection In the pursuit of perfection, salon professionals constantly seek ways to enhance their services and deliver unparalleled results. Clients arrive with unique beauty goals and expectations. It's the salon's mission to surpass those expectations and turn customers into repeat raving fan clients with outstanding testimonials and friend and family referrals. 

Section 2: PrimaSkin: Beauty's Best Friend

Unlocking PrimaSkin's Potential PrimaSkin isn't just a skincare product; it's a beauty ally. Powered by Hydrastat Technology ™ , PrimaSkin ™  boasts a meticulously crafted formula brimming with potent ingredients selected to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate the skin. The ingredient list is what would be expected from a high end skincare product, the brilliance and stunning efficacy of PrimaSkin ™  is due to the revolutionary HydraStat technology ensuring extreme bioavailability at the cellular level. 

Ingredients That Define Radiance

PrimaSkin's exquisite formula includes:

    • Dimethyl Sulfone: Renowned for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, it calms skin, preparing it for salon treatments and ensuring post-treatment comfort.
    • Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid): This moisture-retaining gem ensures skin remains plump and hydrated, guaranteeing the longevity of salon treatments. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000X its weight in water! 
    • Cysteine: A fundamental building block for proteins, it supports skin structure, making it a must-have for pre and post-salon skincare.
    • Proline: Not just for protein synthesis; it offers antioxidant protection, a crucial element for post-treatment skin recovery.
  • Collagen: Collagen is the backbone of youthful skin. PrimaSkin's collagen content assists in maintaining skin's firmness and elasticity, helping to diminish the appearance of wrinkles.
    • Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C): Radiance and skin resilience come naturally with this ingredient that hydrates, brightens, and defends against oxidative stress.
    • Glycine: A collagen ally, it maintains skin's elasticity and moisture, ensuring salon treatments leave a lasting impact.
    • Arginine: With its circulation-boosting and protein-building prowess, it enhances skin vitality and recovery after salon treatments.
    • Valine: Known for its soothing properties, it helps maintain optimal skin moisture, vital for pre and post-salon care.
    • Curcumin: Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, it not only enhances skin texture but also ensures comfort after salon treatments.

    Elevate Your Salon Experience

    Pre-Salon Brilliance:

    • Prepares Skin for Transformation: The anti-inflammatory properties of PrimaSkin  ™ prepare the canvas for salon treatments, ensuring client comfort and optimal results. Plump, hydrated, elasticized skin, scalp, and hair follicles allow for optimal success from many skin and hair procedures and treatments. 
    • Maximizes Radiance: The pre-salon use of PrimaSkin ™ enhances the skin, scalp, and hair’s natural radiance, health, and structure resulting in treatments that exceed expectations.

    During Treatment Skin and Scalp Soother and Anti-inflammatory:

    • Spraying HydraStat PrimaSkin ™ during treatment is very helpful to help minimize discomfort and irritation. Clients can be instructed to raise their hand when they are experiencing discomfort during painful and invasive treatments, allowing Estheticians, Hairdressers, and Medi-Spa Practitioners to spray the treatment area, quickly alleviating inflammation and discomfort, allowing for a more pleasant treatment. 
    • Spraying the skin and allowing it to air dry both before and after waxing treatments, microdermabrasion, or laser treatments as part of standard protocol, can reduce redness, discomfort and irritation through PrimaSkin’s natural anti-inflammatory properties and tightening and toning effect. 
    • Spray PrimaSkin directly on an irritated scalp can provide topical relief that penetrates deep into the scalp and layers of the skin.

    Post-Salon Glow:

      • Accelerated Healing: PrimaSkin ™ expedites the skin's recovery process, reducing downtime and enhancing the lasting impact of salon treatments. Reducing downtime, inflammation and discomfort post-treatment is advantageous for clients to get them back to living their life while minimizing irritating and uncomfortable treatment effects while maximizing outcomes in less time. The HydraStat particles in PrimaSkin ™ penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, allowing for rapid recovery from the inside out, rather than superficial healing that results in underlying scarring or sensitivity. HydraStat Glutathione allows for effective detoxification of the cells, allowing the body to clean up from the treatments and procedures at a more rapid rate which accelerates the repair and healing process. 
      • Comfort and Confidence: Clients leave the salon with refreshed and pampered skin, feeling confident and ready to conquer the world. Hydrastat Technology's Role
  • Home Care Protocols: PrimaSkin ™ is an exceptional take home product for clients to continue their skin, scalp and hair treatments at home, to magnify and expedite results. Clients can simply spray the area(s) of concern at least twice daily, morning and night. Spraying more often can greatly enhance therapeutic benefits. PrimaSkin ™ leaves the skin feeling soft and silky, toned and refreshed. Many clients spray their face and decollete with PrimaSkin ™ midday for a refreshing pick-me-up. 
    • Hair Confidence: PrimaSkin ™ is a wonderful support for scalp and hair health. Glutathione increases circulation of blood to the scalp, promotes detoxification of the scalp, hair and follicles due to toxic haircare and skincare products, prolongs the analog phase of hair growth and supports the strength and resilience of the hair.  

    Hydrastat Technology ™ guarantees that PrimaSkin's potent ingredients deeply penetrate the skin, allowing for maximum absorption. This advanced delivery system ensures that each component, including Glutathione, contributes to skin health and overall well-being is absorbed directly into the cell for fast acting results..

    Section 3: Swish30: Wellness from Within

    Discovering the Power of Swish30 Swish30 ™  isn't just another supplement; it's a wellness secret that unlocks the body's full potential. Comprising a blend of dynamic ingredients, including Glutathione, L-Cystine, and Curcumin, Swish30 ™  is the beauty and vitality boost that clients crave.

    Ingredients That Radiate Wellness

    Swish30 combines a host of ingredients, including:

    • Ultra-Pure Water: The foundation of "Hydrastat Technology," it guarantees optimal ingredient delivery at the cellular level for stunning results.
    • Glutathione: Beauty starts from within, and Glutathione, the body's master antioxidant, ensures that clients radiate beauty from the inside out through multifaceted support at the cellular level. 
    • L-Cysteine: This building block for Glutathione fuels natural energy, ensuring clients feel revitalized after salon treatments.
    • Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C): Hydration, brightness, and oxidative stress defense are the gifts of Vitamin C, enhancing the post-salon glow. Vitamin C spares Glutathione and Glutathione recycles used Vitamin C. Together they are a powerhouse for cellular wellness. 
    • Curcumin: Renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties, it not only enhances skin texture but also ensures comfort after salon treatments.
    • Tartaric Acid: Precision pH balancing ensures optimal absorption and freshness.
    • Potassium Sorbate: Safeguards freshness, guaranteeing product efficacy.
    • Peppermint Extract: A refreshing touch for a delightful user experience.

    Elevate Salon Offerings with a Pre & Post Benefits

    Pre-Salon Brilliance:

    • Inner Radiance: Swish30 enhances the skin's natural radiance from within, ensuring salon treatments deliver outstanding results.
    • Revitalized Clients: Swishing for 90 seconds pre-appointment allows clients to arrive feeling energized and ready for their salon experience, thanks to Swish30's natural energy boost and enhanced oxygen uptake. 

    Post-Salon Glow:

    • Long-Lasting Beauty: Swish30 contributes to prolonged beauty and radiance, ensuring clients enjoy the results of their salon treatments for an extended period. Swish30 targets garbage removal at the cellular level, aka free radicals and metabolic waste, facilitating cellular detoxification and mitochondrial function. Every cell requires glutathione for proper functioning. Swishing twice daily enhances client outcomes and provides exceptional cellular support post treatment. 

    HydraStat Technology's Role

    HydraStat Technology ™  guarantees efficient absorption of Swish30's ingredients, allowing clients to harness the full potential of Glutathione, other antioxidants and key supportive nutraceuticals. This innovative delivery system ensures that the supplement contributes to overall wellness and radiant beauty.

    Section 4: The Perfect Partnership

    Why Swish30 and PrimaSkin Make a Perfect Pair for Salons

    The dynamic synergy between Swish30 ™ and PrimaSkin ™ is undeniable. By incorporating both products into salon services, professionals elevate their in-house offerings and enhance home protocols to ensure clients leave not just satisfied, but thoroughly cared for inside and out for optimized beauty and radiance.

    Salon Professionals' Secret Weapon

    Salon professionals can elevate their services by introducing clients to the benefits of Swish30 ™ and PrimaSkin ™ . Emphasizing these advantages ensures that clients leave the salon feeling confident in their beauty and well-being not only for the day, but for their future.


    In the world of salons, where beauty and well-being converge, products like Swish30 ™ and PrimaSkin ™ , powered by Hydrastat Technology, are the keys to unlocking a new realm of excellence. By preparing the skin/ scalp before treatments, utilizing the product during treatments and procedures, and enhancing recovery with revolutionary aftercare, salon professionals can elevate their services to extraordinary levels. Whether clients seek a glamorous transformation or a revitalizing experience, Swish30 ™ and PrimaSkin ™ offer an unbeatable combination that ensures clients not only meet but exceed their beauty and wellness aspirations.

    Elevate the salon experience with Swish30 ™ and PrimaSkin ™ . Harness the power of HydraStat Technology to redefine beauty and well-being, one salon visit at a time.

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