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the dog and cat reports provide a tool for any practitioner whose clients own pets to offer a similar epigenetic assessment of the dog or cat. the nutritional diet of a pet, along with lifestyle and environmental exposures, can influence the functionality of pets.

the nutritional diet you provide to a pet, combined with environmental influences, are often expressed in a pet’s functionality. pets have learned to acclimate to the foods available. in the twenty first century, pets have adapted to feed that is unnatural for their species and their digestive systems. they often receive starchy foods even though their digestive systems are based on their forbearers which include predators and carnivores. 

correcting environmental influences and nutritional imbalances may have a positive effect on the wellbeing, and emotional state of both canines and felines. some of a pet’s expressed stressors may be linked to environmental issues such as toxins or even electromagnetic frequencies which may cause sensitivity issues with a pet. exposures to environmental toxins have been linked to higher rates of mental stress, behavioural problems and hyperactivity. poor nutritional balance and environmental influences interact in complex and, often unknown, ways to cause stress in pets. we have included several environmental factors into the dog and cat reports to assist the pet owner or animal care professional in gauging any potential issues created by these nutritional imbalances or modern-day stressors.

enhance pets' wellbeing and restore balance so their genes and enzymes work optimally.

this reports for dogs & cats addresses 6 system issues including immune, gut as well as coat and skin condition and key growth factors. the reports also assess deficiencies with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidant and amino acids, highlight environmental challenges due to metals, chemicals or radiation and provide insights into resistance factors such as parasites, fungus, mold, viruses or bacteria. like the human reports, a pathway to move forward is outlined by prioritizing which system imbalances should be addressed first, which foods or additives should be avoided or which foods to consume and/or which nutritional deficiencies or environmental exposures should be addressed as a priority.

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the 90 day optimize pet report awakens you, your clients, and staff to one's personal epigenetic potential. it is an invaluable tool in assisting with dietary and nutritional choices and protocols, as well as lifestyle considerations and environmental decisions to optimize vitality, wellbeing and recovery.

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