optimize anti-aging from within

identify common environmental influences that can have an effect on your quest for a more youthful glow and vitality.

the optimize youthful cells report provides a tool for wellness practitioners who are focused on health and beauty, anti-aging or health coaching.  providers that utilize this report are typically certified in their field of expertise but do not have certification in nutrition. including practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, medi-spas, spas, yoga studios, beauty and hair care centres, or health coaches.

the optimize youthful cells report offers wellness professionals a key tool to differentiate their business from others in their field through this uniquely personalized service for their clients.

optimization is an awakening process, whereby clients become aware of the impacts of the environment and their lifestyle on their organs, systems and skin. the body's systems rely on a balanced food plan with optimal nutrition to support the cells. more positive nutritional choices allow the processes of the body to work in maximum harmony, empowering clients to take charge of their vitality and youthfulness.

this report offers insight into 9 key nutritional elements including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids and amino acids. the report also identifies any system challenges due to environmental toxins such as metals, chemicals, radiation and/or bacteria, fungus, parasites or viruses or food additives. optimizer reports provide a tangible pathway towards wellness by outlining priorities and suggestions on which foods should be avoided and those to consume and/or which nutritional deficiencies or environmental exposures should be addressed as a priority.

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optimize youthful cells report includes:

  • 11 key optimization areas
  • 6-Step optimization plan
  • self-check questionnaires
  • foods to increase
  • foods and additives to avoid

personalized anti-aging for your clients, your staff, and you

the youthful cell program is designed to optimize anti-aging from the inside out. the food plan is a simple and enjoyable program designed to assist you and your clients in the quest for a more youthful glow and radiant vitality. the report identifies the exact nutrients our systems require to optimally support the health of our cells.

avoidance of certain foods is an essential aspect to optimized wellness. our environment and diet dictates up to 98% of the way your biological age will be expressed. due to modern environmental and lifestyle factors, our bodies operate at a sub-optimal levels resulting in cellular, systemic, and even chronic inflammation, irritation, and degeneration.

unleash the power of epigenetic analysis in your wellness clinic or spa and enhance client wellness outcomes with the brilliance of s-drive technology.

the personalized nutritional and lifestyle plan helps to support and maintain:

  • skin and body processes
  • better resistance
  • sleep patterns
  • cleansing
  • energy production
  • performance
  • optimum weight and shape

become an immunity & wellbeing optimizer professional

the 90 day optimize immunity and wellbeing report awakens you, your clients, and staff to one's personal epigenetic potential. it is an invaluable tool in assisting with dietary and nutritional choices and protocols, as well as lifestyle considerations and environmental decisions to optimize vitality, wellbeing and recovery.

become an optimizer professional

immunity & wellbeing professionals

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