optimize baby and child report

babies and children need specific nutrients to grow and stay healthy such as calcium to build strong bones and teeth, fat to create the energy needed for proper brain development, healthy skin and hair, and to protect against infections.

due to current lifestyle and environmental factors babies and children are developing and functioning below their optimal potential. processed foods, low nutrient intake, microwaves, toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic fields and frequency influences are responsible for a breakdown or lowering of the body’s normal day-to-day functional capacity.

many of these functional capacities are basic processes which are crucial to the way that the physical and emotional body performs and expresses itself. of crucial importance are first, the quality of new cells the body creates to repair and regenerate itself and second, the nervous system and enzyme processes which are responsible for all physical processes.

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to achieve the optimal health potential for children, you need to ensure that these crucial processes are working in harmony. anything less than optimum can be associated with a loss of function, which can be reflected in low energy, poor sleep, weak immune system, poor concentration, irritability, general aches and pain, slow recovery, susceptibility to injury and more. if left in a sub-optimal state for too long, it can eventually lead to chronic issues.

the baby and child report is designed to help identify many of the common lifestyle and environmental influences that could be leading to a less-than-optimum output of the child's genes, enzymes and/ or metabolic function. the report provides a complete 90-day protocol for resolving with these issues to optimizing the health and wellbeing of the child through lifestyle and nutritional alterations.

optimization is an awakening process, whereby you will become aware of each child’s specific lifestyle and environmental factors and the effect they have on the child's functioning and wellbeing.

add the optimize baby and child report to your product and service suite as a revolutionary tool that can provide customized insight to redirect the future vitality and health of the child.

every child should have the opportunity to grow healthy and strong and live their best life. allow our s-drive technology to help you curate personalized wellness for your clients regardless of their age.

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scientists now understand

scientists now understand that physical health status is largely influenced by the environment; up to 98% in some cases. knowing that genes no longer control one's wellness expression, is an eye-opener that can take one's health down a completely different path. epigenetics empowers each person to take control of their own wellness destiny. imagine exponentiated results with your clients as you address the body's specific needs for it's optimal vitality.

discover how to unlock your health potential. personal epigenetic indicators are mapped in less than 15 minutes from the root bulbs of four strands of hair, using the revolutionary s-drive technology and analysis system.

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hair bulb

hair is an amazing, almost indestructible, bio-marker that carries one's personal information at a quantum epigenetic level.

as it is the hair root bulb that is analyzed and mapped, the length of hair does not matter. the technique used to pluck the hair ensures that the root bulb is intact.

hair samples are digitally processed and the data is sent via a secure internet connection to our technology center in hamburg, germany. our powerful super-computer systems maps and prioritizes the relevancy of the epigenetic information.

over 800 key indicators are mapped. the data used to create charts and tables which make up the optimizer report and 90-day optimized lifestyle plan.

unlock yours and your client's wellness potential today!

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the 90 day optimize child and baby report awakens you, your clients, and staff to one's personal epigenetic potential. it is an invaluable tool in assisting with dietary and nutritional choices and protocols, as well as lifestyle considerations and environmental decisions to optimize vitality, wellbeing and recovery.

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