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the optimize age management & aesthetics report provides wellness practitioners with a simple, enjoyable and proven system of aligning a client’s lifestyle and environment to optimize their physical, mental and emotional potential to establish and maintain vitality, flexibility and cognitive function.

our lifestyle and environment controls up to 98% of the way our genes express themselves. due to the effects of the modern lifestyle and environment, most people are functioning below their optimal potential. processed foods, low nutrient intake, microwaves, toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic fields, medications, and toxic skin and body care products and other influencers, are responsible for a breakdown in the body’s normal daily functions.

these lifestyle and environmental influences including the foods eaten, nutrients absorbed and environmental influences at home, work, and play have profound impact on the body’s genetic expression and the ability to manage one's vitality, mobility, cognitive ability and radiant skin.

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age management & aesthetics report includes:

  • skin elasticity
  • cellular renewal
  • muscle support
  • 12 key optimization indicators
  • system support indicators
  • gut & intestinal support indicators
  • liver metabolism support indicators
  • resistance indicators
  • environment indicators
  • Food Additive Restrictions
  • Foods to eat

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the 90 day optimize immunity and wellbeing report awakens you, your clients, and staff to one's personal epigenetic potential. it is an invaluable tool in assisting with dietary and nutritional choices and protocols, as well as lifestyle considerations and environmental decisions to optimize vitality, wellbeing and recovery.

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