Epigenetic Mapping Service

Practical next steps towards achieving optimal health

Expanding evidence shows that our environment and nutrition play a key role in how we feel. This scientific field, known as epigenetics, is being discovered by health-conscious consumers who want to optimize their wellbeing or the wellbeing of others.

A growing methodology for evaluating epigenetic expression is called resonance testing where the human body is assessed at the energetic level, capturing the unique frequencies that emanate from the various components of the body’s cellular systems.

We are excited to offer an innovative and compelling technology that has been developed in Europe for more than 15 years. Known as “epigenetic mapping”, the benefits of this testing include:

  • Offers a snapshot of one’s nutritional profile including levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids and antioxidants, as well as an extensive evaluation on the immune, gut and circulatory systems. It also highlights environmental influences such as viruses, parasites, toxins and EMF exposure.
  • Noninvasive, it utilizes the hair follicle to gain access to the cellular frequencies of the body. Results are received in 15 minutes.
  • Complementary to conventional testing, it can observe conditions that are not always detected by traditional blood testing.
  • An actionable, preventative wellness perspective with a key focus on foods to consume as well as foods to restrict.