Luis Miguel Valdes, MD

Dr. Valdes is an Otolaryngologist (akaanEar, Nose and Throat doctor, orE.N.T.) from Cuba who currently works as a Board-certified Hearing Instrument Specialist in Florida and a part-time Medical Researcher in oxidative stress and tinnitus due to electrosmog at NOXTAK Technologies.

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HydraStat Nanotechnology™

The molecules in many supplements are too large to be absorbed by the cell, so they get excreted from the body without being used effectively. Our water-enveloped, nanosized ingredients are small enough to be fully absorbed into the human cell.

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Read about the importance of each ingredient combined with our HydraStat Nanotechnology™, and how it's making waves in the industry. Also get insight into our third party testing that ensures each batch is of the highest quality.