individualized results in 15 Minutes

the s-drive is an easy-to-use USB plug & play scanning device that digitally scans the frequencies emitted from 4 hair follicles to capture over 800 underlying indicators. this data is used to produce one of the optimize nutritional reports designed to help you understand the body’s biological stressors and to develop a dietary and nutritional plan with the client.

optimized reports are designed with the client in mind, helping to implement a dietary and nutritional plan and to live well. each report reviews:

  • 9 separate elements of the client’s nutritional profile.
  • foods to eat and foods to avoid.
  • specific nutrient demands.
  • viral and fungal factors.
  • environmental exposures including electrical interference influences (5G, WiFi, etc).
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available optimization reports

detailed customized reports in 15 mins -

90-day optimize
immunity and wellbeing report

assess and address Immune and nutritional Imbalances and
environmental exposures for adults through epigenetic hair follicle analysis.

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90-day optimize
baby and child report

for children ages 1-12, this report has 3 additional optimization charts for growth, brain and overall optimization. the first CWB test that requires both hair and saliva samples.

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hair, skin and nails report

great hair, skin & nails Are controlled by a balanced integumentary system. yet hair skin and nail problems can be extremely frustrating and tough to deal with

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90-day optimize
weight & shape report

optimize physical, mental and emotional potential.

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90-day optimize
professional training report

enhance physical performance through personal chemistry and environmental alignment.

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optimize pets reports

enhance pets’ wellbeing and restore balance so their genes and enzymes are working optimally.

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age management & aesthetics report

looking younger longer.

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optimize youthful cells report

identify common environmental influences that can have an effect on your quest for a more youthful glow and vitality.

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